Yontifications has added Pins to its exciting Jewish jewelry collection. The pins can be worn all year long, on Jewish holidays, Shabbat or everyday. Beautiful Austrian and Czech crystals, gold-filled beads, and our whimsical holiday charms playfully dangle from these pieces.

Rosh Chodesh Pin 1

This spirited pin celebrates the power of women. The earth tones of the crystals and beads dangle playfully among mystical symbols and charms. The tambourine is reminiscent of Miriam's powerful position of leadership, having led the children of Israel to water during the Exodus from Egypt. The hamsa hand is an ancient middle-eastern symbol used to keep evil spirits away and invite, among other things, happiness and health. The moon charm denotes the powerful link of the phases of the moon to the cycles of our lives. Traditionally, Rosh Chodesh (new moon) had been designated as a holiday for Jewish women. It was a time to refrain from work and gather with other women. In modern times women have reclaimed Rosh Chodesh as a time to get together for study and celebration. Finally, amidst all these charms, a beautiful, real, female figure, symbolic of the strong Jewish women we strive to be.


Shabbat Pin 1

Our Shabbat pin dangles with all the symbols of Shabbat. Candlesticks, Kiddush Cup and Challah grace our festive meal. Fresh flowers adorn our home. Hear the Torah chanted at Shul. It's all here!


Chanukah Pin 1

Wear this delightful little Chanukah Pin to adorn any piece of clothing. What would Chanukah be without a draydel, gelt and maybe even a little present?
The pin measures 7/8" across and dangles to a length of 1 3/4". Complete with charms only found at Yontifications.


Sukkot Pin 1

Our Sukkot pin dangles with a little orange, apple and bunch of grapes. It even comes with its own beaded "paper" chain.
The pin measures 1 1/4" wide by 1 1/2" long.


Jewish Musical Pin 1

Cantor, choir member, lover of song? This pin is created for you with sparkling Swarovski crystals, sterling silver beads and great Yontifications charms. It's musical. It's Jewish. What more can I say? Oh, yeah, it's bee-u-tiful!


Lily, our new pin-up girl